The Difference is . . . You are Valued

According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), “in total, the U.S. timeshare industry supported an estimated $69 billion of output to the U.S. economy in 2009. This included 465,800 full- and part-time jobs; over $22 billion in salaries, wages, and related income; and approximately $8.4 billion in tax revenue.” While consumers contribute, support and believe in our timeshare product, our team members make the difference. With them, our owners and guests experience smiling faces, warm greetings, compassionate customer service, attentiveness and welcoming little touches like freshly popped popcorn or masterfully folded Kleenex and hand towels. One owner said, “We love the way the staff smiles! We feel so welcome.”

We understand and recognize the importance of hiring the right people, providing support and training at all levels from the resorts to the corporate offices, and offering effective business tools to operate successfully. Tricom has one of the highest employee retention rates in the timeshare industry and minimal turn-over during the past three decades. We continue to employ numerous team members who have been part of the Tricom family for 20 plus years.

Our award winning team makes the difference and they truly care about the guests, owners and resorts. As one guest summed it up, “I have never had more courteous or more help from anyone anywhere I have traveled . . . wonderful in every way. There were many extras which were very much appreciated and made us feel very special and cared for.”

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