Rentals and Exchanges


  • Extensive experience generating rental revenue for associations while still maintaining a delinquency rate below 3-5% per association.
  • Closely work with Platinum Interchange and third party strategic alliances to increase rental revenue for associations.
  • We, along with Platinum Interchange, have an inventory and yield management department.
  • Routinely assess and monitor all associations’ inventory on a daily  basis.
  • Proven, effective approach analyzes each association’s unique requirements (i.e. high/low season, seasonal events, no show history, refurbishment projects) to determine the best way to rent inventory.

Book a Rental Reservation at our Family of Resorts:

  • Select destination from the map below.
  • Then, follow three quick and easy steps to complete your rental reservation.
  • Online Rental Booking system is secure and powered by Platinum Interchange.

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