About Tricom


A Top Hospitality Timeshare Management Company

Tricom Management is your professional resort management partner. Since 1979, Tricom continues to offer the full spectrum of services required in the operation of timeshare resorts. Beginning with top notch web based communications to collateral marketing materials, to owner resale services and pro-actively managing delinquent accounts, and through to financially stable associations with fully funded capital reserves. Tricom is consumer focused and carefully designs its services to each resorts unique needs.

Tricom’s team, from the housekeepers to maintenance, to accountants to the executives, is committed to the highest level of quality and, at the same time, recognize the need to keep expenses low and offset expenses with income. Tricom partners with their resorts to generate a profit for the associations through the resorts’ on-site revenue centers in collaboration with Platinum Interchange and Tricom’s strategic alliances. With a collaborative approach, maintenance fees do not consume all of the resort’s operating expenses, and resort management fees are kept at or below the national average.

Our team of over 450 professionals takes pride in creating memorable vacations for more than 140,000 owner families every year. Because Tricom is one of the oldest management companies and understands the major commitment to providing superior vacation experiences, nearly all of our resorts have been awarded the Gold Crown of Excellence from Resorts Condominium International. And, considering most of Tricom’s resorts are 25 plus years old, this is a testament to our sound business approach. Tricom is a proud member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) as well as other affiliations and sponsors, and is active in endorsing legislature that benefits and protects timeshare consumers.

Unlike many other timeshare management companies, Tricom also offers a full service exchange and rental company, Platinum Interchange, and a State licensed realty company, Tricom Realty Services, for owner rentals and foreclosure administration.

We are proud to be an employee owned company.