Timeshare 101


Timeshare 101 class is offered by Tricom University and Platinum Interchange at the various resorts Tricom manages. When visiting a Tricom resort, ask the guest services team at the front desk when the Timeshare 101 class is being offered. Class schedules vary depending upon the Tricom resort you are visiting. Learn how to make the most of timeshare ownership and meet fellow owners. Classes are complimentary and you will be provided with an informational packet. Some of the main discussion topics during the class are:

  • What is timeshare
  • Timeshare vocabulary
  • How to exchange with Platinum Interchange or other exchange companies
  • Reservation procedures
  • How to fully utilize your week (i.e. rental, exchange)
  • How to stay at other Vacation Village Resorts
  • Bonus Time/Use Time
  • Trading power with Platinum Interchange

Tricom and Platinum Interchange look forward to you attending the Timeshare 101 class during your next vacation.