Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Whether you’re looking to kick start your morning with a hike, walk the dog, unwind after a stressful day, or simply enjoy the great outdoors by immersing yourself in nature, the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve has something for everyone.

As you stand at the trailhead you can’t help but feel you are about to enter a special place. Blue Sky is a 700-acre canyon rich in animals and plants. With Mount Woodson as its backdrop, an easy trail winds its way between coastal sage scrub, oak woodland, and mixed chaparral hillsides.

For a great workout, incredible views of Poway and beyond, and a tranquil setting above the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve, hike through the Reserve and up to Lake Ramona.

Not challenging enough? How about hiking through Blue Sky to the Lake Poway trail and then hiking all the way to the top of Mount Woodson? You’ll be rewarded with even more stunning views of the surrounding area. For more information, visit

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