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The Tricom team brings over 400 combined years of hospitality industry experience to the company and affiliated organizations. Several affiliated organizations perform key functions for Tricom:




Platinum Interchange providing exchange and rental services since 1979. Platinum Interchange is considered the 3rd Exchange Company. Platinum Interchange consistently confirms vacation exchanges at 1200 plus worldwide resorts. Platinum Interchange offers a wide array of vacation services to timeshare owners/vacation interval owners, resort developers and vacation ownership resort associations. Platinum Interchange focuses on vacation exchanges, suite rentals, owner rentals (at select participating resorts) and various other travel services. Platinum Interchange’s mission is to continuously fulfill Vacation Exchanges and Rentals at competitive rates with a strong emphasis on quality customer service, real value and the best benefits in the vacation ownership industry. About Platinum interchange







Tricom Realty Services (TRS) is a licensed California Real Estate company. TRS provides resale and owner rental services. About Tricom realty services



Tricom is associated with several industry organizations which enables the team to stay fully apprised of legislative matters, general timeshare practices, networking for additional exchange inventory and more. 

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