In the timeshare industry, individual vacation owners may choose to exchange with any exchange company they desire and, over the years, vacation owners continuously migrate to Platinum Interchange due to LOW Cost Fees, NO Membership Fees, NO Annual Dues, Quality Customer Service, Real Benefits and Value, Exchange Availability and Longevity in the Industry.

Platinum Interchange is an “independent” (non-exclusive) exchange and rental company servicing timeshare/vacation interval owners worldwide. Platinum Interchange was established in 1979 to: 1) Provide exchange services to those owners who were either frustrated by or had since dropped their membership with the exchange company affiliated with the resort where they bought their first timeshare week, and 2) Provide an alternative for exchange services, if other exchange companies could not fulfill their requests, to these owners without the need to burden them with another membership fee and to ensure that if they could not obtain the desired exchange destination, they could always enjoy their week at their home resort (many properties are dual or multi-affiliated). Tricom Management’s and Platinum Interchange’s goal was a happy dues paying owner for every timeshare interval sold.

Platinum Interchange specializes in customer service and low fees by always putting the needs of the individual timeshare owner first; and has blossomed into a full-service Exchange and Rental company. They have not charged membership fees or annual dues since 1979. Platinum Interchange consistently ranks amongst the other exchange companies as having one of the lowest exchange fees (domestic and international) in the vacation ownership/timeshare industry. Plus, as a customer said, their “a…WAY List (updated daily inventory availability) is one of the best innovations in timeshare in the past 5 years.”

Platinum Interchange does not affiliate with resorts and does not sign a sales support agreement with developers. Instead, they focus on individual owners and fulfilling their family’s vacation needs. They procure inventory by forecasting exchange demands and acting ahead of time to secure space in highly desired destinations.

Platinum Interchange’s “Request First… Deposit Last” policy where owners do not deposit their week or pay any fees until their exchange request is fulfilled, and the specialized customer service provided, keeps owners satisfied. Happy owners and vacationers, in general, are not only good for Platinum Interchange, but also for the resort they own at and for the timeshare industry itself.

Platinum Interchange’s mission is to continuously fulfill Vacation Exchanges and Rentals at competitive rates with a strong emphasis on quality customer service, real value and the best benefits in the vacation ownership industry. Please refer Platinum Interchange to other individual owners as they can only offer for exchange what is deposited into their system. Help Tricom and Platinum Interchange keep vacation ownership what it was meant to be, a vacation alternative for owners and their families.