Reservations Call Center


Reservations Call Center Powered by Platinum Interchange

Tricom in partnership with its affiliated company, Platinum Interchange, offers a full-service 7 day a week reservation center in Anaheim, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Customers can book rentals, exchanges, Cancellation Guard and more. Both reservation centers are staffed with knowledgeable, professional team members. In addition to the corporate reservation centers, each Tricom resort has been trained by the Platinum Interchange management team to also assist customers in booking use time, bonus time, rentals and exchanges. These award winning team members can facilitate all vacation planning.

Platinum Interchange’s Story: Platinum Interchange remains the independent Vacation Resort Owners Exchange Service Provider and Rental Company of CHOICE. Platinum Interchange is considered the 3rd Exchange Co., consistently confirming vacation exchanges at 1200 plus worldwide resorts. Platinum Interchange offers a wide array of vacation services to timeshare owners/vacation interval owners, resort developers and vacation ownership resort associations. Platinum Interchange focuses on vacation exchanges, suite rentals, owner rentals (at select participating resorts) and various other travel services.

In the timeshare industry, individual vacation owners may choose to exchange with any exchange company they desire and, over the years, vacation owners continuously migrate to Platinum Interchange due to LOW Cost Fees, NO Membership Fees, NO Annual Dues, Quality Customer Service, Real Benefits and Value, Exchange Availability and Longevity in the Industry. Read more . . .