Management Team

Professional Hospitality Leadership

Jay Morin, RRP- National Director of Operations, Tricom Management

Jay Morin has extensive knowledge in the management of timeshare and condominium properties, dating back to 1980. He has personally managed six timeshare and condominium resorts in southern California and Utah. Jay joined the Tricom team in August 1987 as Resort Manager of Snow Lake Lodge in Big Bear Lake, California. Jay assisted Tricom in taking Snow Lake Lodge through a developer bankruptcy, up to recognition as a “Gold Crown Resort” by Resort Condominiums International. In 1990, Jay joined the Tricom corporate team in Anaheim, California in the position of Project Director. Today, he is responsible for overseeing of all operations for the Tricom corporate office, and for in excess of twenty owners associations on a national and international basis. Jay directs a team of three regional Project Directors, and over twenty resort managers. The operations team is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the properties are performed in a timely and professional manner, including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, communication, budgets, variance reports, property inspections, adherence to local, state, and federal regulations, and coordination of Board of Directors and Annual Association meetings.

In March 1999, Jay earned enough credits through American Resort Development Association (“ARDA”) to receive the highest industry professional title of Registered Resort Professional (“RRP”). In April 1999, Jay won the prestigious ARDY Gold Award for Resort Executive of Multiple Resorts. Prior to joining Tricom, Mr. Morin spent seven years managing timeshare resorts and seven years in the food and beverage industry.  Mr. Morin attended the University of California, Santa Cruz.

William (“Bill”) McCarthy, CCAM, RRP, CHA, LCAM- Area Project Director, Tricom Management

Bill McCarthy is an Area Project Director with Tricom Management. He currently holds the designations of Certified Community Association Manager (“CCAM”) from the California Association of Community Managers; Registered Resort Professional (“RRP”) from the American Resort Development Association; Certified Hotel Administrator (“CHA”) from the American Hotel & Lodging Association; and is a Licensed Community Association Manager (“LCAM”) in the State of Florida.

Bill began his career in the hospitality industry in 1992, working at three hotel franchise locations in Florida and California prior to entering the timeshare industry in 2000. A significant portion of Bill’s college education was funded by a scholarship earned through the International Association of Holiday Inns.

In 2005, Tricom was extremely excited to promote Bill to the position of Area Project Director, after he served three years as a resort manager at Sun Dunes Villas in Palm Desert, California. Bill celebrated his tenth anniversary with Tricom in 2010, he loves his work, and he fully believes in his signature slogan: “Never promise more than you can deliver; always deliver more than you promised; and smile!”

Dina Fischer – Director of Human Resources, Tricom Management

Dina Fischer has been the Human Resources (HR) Director for Tricom Management since 1999. She is  responsible for managing all HR activities for 300 plus team members. Some of Dina’s responsibilities include recruiting/employment, benefits administration, employee relations, policy communication, administration of vacation/sick program, payroll and compliance with state and federal laws. Dina is well versed in the practices and principles of HR, and she is a definite asset to the Tricom team.   

Tricia DeschampsBusiness Administration, Tricom Management

In 1990, Tricia Deschamps began her career with Tricom Management.  Besides closely working with the Executive Department, Tricia routinely collaborates with the Operations Department, association managers and Platinum Interchange team members.  Also, Tricia manages the Administrative Department and is responsible for coordinating management proposals/requests for proposals and collateral marketing materials. In 2001, Tricia won the esteemed Gold ARDY Award for Administrative Staff Member.     

Lisa MartinController, Tricom Management

Lisa Martin began working with Tricom in 1999. She is responsible for managing all accounting and information technology/telecommunication functions for Tricom, Platinum Interchange, Tricom Realty Services and the managed associations. Lisa’s main functions include establishing and maintaining the accounting principles, practices, procedures and initiatives of the company.

Donna Palamara – Accounting Manager, Tricom Management

In 1991, Donna Palamara began her career with Tricom Management. As the Accounting Manager, she oversees the entire Accounting and Cash Receipts Departments. Donna continuously proves her dedication and expertise by training new accountants and implementing accounting procedures always with the focus of accuracy and timeliness in financial reporting for all Tricom managed associations.  Since 1991, Donna’s continued service in the timeshare industry has not gone unrecognized as exemplified by her ARDA nomination and many Tricom awards. Donna originally began her accounting career in 1976 and attended California State University, Long Beach.

Thomas (“Tom”) Jay –  Accounts Receivable Manager, Customer Relations, Tricom Management

Thomas Jay oversees the Billing and Customer Service Department, and has done so since early 2000 while orchestrating the day-to-day activities for his team.  Together, they handle the customer service calls and administration of billing for all properties managed by Tricom Management; which includes oversight of the invoicing of maintenance fees as well as the collection and foreclosure process. Thomas is a well respected team member that is an effective problem-solver.

Ellen LeveringAccounts Payable Manager, Tricom Management

Ellen Levering started working with Tricom Management in 1989. Ellen oversees the operations of the Accounts Payable Department. She ensures that all accounts are entered and paid on a weekly basis. Ellen is a detail-oriented individual who closely manages her Department with the utmost professionalism. She is a real asset to the organization and to all the managed associations.

Sandra Herrejon– Reservations Manager, Platinum Interchange

Sandra Herrejon began working with Platinum Interchange in 1998 as a Vacation Counselor in our Anaheim, California corporate office. Sandra’s top customer service soon earned her the promotion as Reservations Manager. Sandra received two ARDA awards for her strong customer service skills, which is an honor to be recognized amongst our industry competitors. Sandra sincerely cares about making your vacation experiences perfect. She is always friendly and informative in assisting customers with their exchange and rental needs. Give her a call or send her an email to book your next vacation getaway,

Lynn HallRevenue Manager, Platinum Interchange

Since 1997, Lynn Hall has worked with Platinum Interchange. She is based in our corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lynn originally started as a Vacation Counselor in the Anaheim, California corporate office and quickly was promoted to Inventory Control Manager. Lynn has received nine ARDA Silver Awards for various categories including: Owner Relations Staff Member, Owner Relations Manager and Technology Team. She regularly represents Platinum Interchange at regional and ARDA conferences, resort owner meetings and events, and just about anything we participate in. We are proud of Lynn’s dedicated years of service to our customers and to the organization. Lynn is a true customer service talent.

Joz ZavlynBusiness Development Manager, Platinum Interchange

Joz Zavlyn began his career with Platinum Interchange in the late 1990’s. Originally, in 1998, Joz started working at the Jockey Club resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Shortly after Tricom Management began managing the Jockey Club, Tricom quickly recognized Joz’s keen customer service talent and promoted him at the front desk. Joz continued to impress guests, owners and Tricom with his sincere and caring demeanor and was promoted to the Business Development Department within Platinum Interchange about six years ago. Joz is the trainer for Platinum Interchange and teaches all new team members how to book exchanges and rentals with a winning customer service attitude. Next time you are in Las Vegas, stop by Platinum Interchange’s office in the Jockey Club and Joz will assist you with your exchange and rental requests. Joz is truly tops in customer service and even ARDA agrees by awarding him three awards to date.

Jamie IbarraResale and Owner Rental Coordinator, Tricom Realty Services

In 1999, Jamie Ibarra began working at Tricom as Office Assistant.  Moved up to Accounts Receivable Specialist and transferred to Platinum Interchange where she worked in the marketing department.  Currently, Jamie is responsible for managing sales, resales, deed backs, and the Owner Rental Program.  She has a professional attitude with a welcoming personality and is available to answer owners’ questions.  Jamie works closely with escrow/title companies and all the Tricom managed resorts.